Friday, April 24, 2009


I think I might have a problem with over-committing myself. I had planned to take it easy this summer, slowly working on a couple of projects, and spending lots of time with Baby Mitten. Now I have some great ideas for a clothing bundle for the big bunny and teddy, an interesting sketch for a new toy, all the work involved in revising the Fuzzy Knits book (which includes knitting all the toys in it), and a secret project I've been wanting to work on for over a year. At least one of those is going to be cut, I know, because I just don't have that much time! Or maybe I need to rework my ideas so all the projects are a little more manageable. Are any of you work-from-home moms? Do you have any advice for how to balance work and time with baby?

This is just a random picture to make the post more interesting.

Well, in other news, the Ravelry swap is going well! I got my swap partner the other day, so picked out some pretty yarns in her favourite colours and matched them to some of my favourite clothing patterns (ravelry links). I have one item done already, and I think it turned out just gorgeous! (I'll try taking photos later today so you can see) Next up is a pocket sweater in hot pink!

While I was deciding which outfits to make, it got me thinking of which clothing designs I like the most, and why. I think I will go start a discussion thread in my Ravelry group, to see what other knitters think. Feel free to leave comments here too, if you have anything to say! (now I'm thinking, Ravelry is a big time-suck, but I love the feeling of connection to everyone knitting my patterns! Yet one more thing to try organizing time for.)

Oh, and if you're stopping by from Fiber Arts Friday, check out this interesting post from earlier in the week.


Unknown said...

I think part of the "Mom" job is the over-committing yourself :) I've sort of struck a good balance now with my kiddo and working at home (part time for Google). I'd be happy to work for you if you're interested - contract out some of those knits or editing or whatever :)
(nutmegknitter on ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Mom Club, where there is NEVER enough time! :)

Seriously, though, my advice? The projects can wait. Your beautiful baby will only be this small for a little while. Enjoy your time with Baby Mitten. Maybe you can start a "Daddy and Baby Mitten Time" where Mr. M can take Baby M. out for a couple hours once a week or so, which will give you scheduled time to work on your projects. You can get some work done and Daddy can enjoy some one on one time.

When my three girls were small, EVERYTHING came second to them and, because of that, I have some wonderful memories. My girls do too! They still remember sitting on the kitchen island counter with a cake and a bowl of icing, making messes and then licking them up!

Time is so precious these days and we want to be able to do it all. Relax, darlin'. As time goes on, you'll learn to "balance" things better.

Many blessings to you and your new family. I'm so envious.......

Emily said...

Everything I do, I do during naps. I have no idea what will happen when she drops one! But you know, I wouldn't have changed this past year for the world even though my project list, my blog and my internet relationships have suffered for it. She has grown and changed so much in just one year! If I had blinked, I might have missed something I could have savored.

I wanted to participate in the Ravelry swap very badly, but after a great deal of agonizing, I finally owned up to just not having the time.

Sam said...

Hello !
Just wanted to pop by and say hello - your little Mitten is adorable!

You knitted me a version of My cat Silkie Sue last year, and I just wanted to say that your knitting talent still amazes me (She sits on my bed) maybe one day with more practice I will get better !

Love and best wishes Sam xx