Friday, May 29, 2009

back to work daddy

Gratuitous photo of puppy eyes.

Mr. Mitten goes back to his regular job on Monday, so we won't have him around as full-time daddy any longer (except on weekends). This inevitably changes a few things around here. Being on full-time mommy-duty during the day, I will have a lot less time for knitting, blogging, designing, and hanging around on Ravelry. I guess you all knew this was coming anyway, since so many of you kept commenting that you couldn't figure out how I had time for everything! It was only because Daddy and I would take turns entertaining Baby Mitten during the day, so I could get a bit of work done.

I have a couple projects to work on over the next few months, so I will have something to write about once in a while. I've just started on the updated versions of the patterns in Fuzzy Knits, and hopefully I can get them all done by the fall. If we work hard, we should be able to get the new edition done by October (crosses fingers). I also have another secret project I've been wanting to work on for ages, and I really hope to find time for it over the summer. However, all this means I don't have time for the clothing bundle for the big toys, or the new toy designs I had in mind. I'm really sad about this, since I had some awesome ideas. But I'm trying to be realistic about how much time I have, and some things had to be cut. Baby Mitten is my first and most important priority right now. I'm sure you can understand.

So, I'll sign off for the weekend. I hope you all have a lovely one, and better weather than we have here. The cold and rain are bringing the slugs out in force, and my seedlings might not survive.


Leah said...

Good luck, baby mitten looks so cuddly!

julie said...

It is so hard to juggle everything but you've definitely got your priorities straight - who could resist such a gorgeous face?! Everyone will be happy to wait for your new designs until you have time to work on them - just enjoy baby mitten for now and take some time to adjust to Mr Mitten being back at work. Best wishes to you all.