Friday, June 26, 2009

<3 the vikings

I ordered this mobile for Lev's bedroom this morning. I've wanted it for a while, since I love all of Herzensart's work, but I had so many other important things to spend money on. But she's having a sale, so I went for it! I really wish I could afford one of her dolls (I <3 Vikings!). I've thought of approaching her about a swap, but don't have the courage yet. She also has a lovely blog, which I enjoy reading whenever Lev gives me a bit of time to myself.

I'm glad you all liked the video! There's another part to why we chose the name Fuzzy Mitten, but I'll have to let him explain it, because it involves puns in Russian. I've watched the video a few more times myself since posting it. The mother's enormous fur hat just kills me. I teased Mr. Mitten by saying I would get one like that for myself, when we visit his family in Russia some day. Really, though, I can't see myself walking around Montreal in a fur hat twice the size of my head :)

Now I must be off, to try getting a few photos of all the toys I've been knitting lately. I just finished a Scraps Chaps kitty last night, destined for my Etsy shop. (to make a kitty, I knit the legs, arms, body, and lion's head, plus the ears and tail from the Tiger pattern).

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Sandra Monat said...

Hi Barbara, thank you so much for your kind words about my creations and of course for your mobile order as well. Regarding the swap topic talk to me :)