Monday, August 17, 2009

pattern design poll results

We've been discussing the poll results and comments for the last few days, and we've come up with some preliminary plans on how to make the most of your ideas. (this post is a little wordy, so I'll try to have something more fun next time)

The most popular poll result was to number the rows in the patterns. I've already started on this, and will continue to work through all the patterns as I have time. Mr. Mitten should have time soon to start publishing new editions of the patterns, so keep your eyes open for news of that.

The second most popular idea was for more photos of the toys, such as close-ups of the pattern details. Including more photos in the patterns themselves would make the files rather large and more difficult to download, and more costly for you to print. Instead, I'll be making a Flickr set for each toy, and the pattern will include a link to that set. Then you can look up more photos if you need them (in better resolution too!). I'll probably be doing this as we publish the new pattern editions.

The third most popular idea was to separate the toy and clothing patterns. We've been thinking of doing this for ages, but the logistics of the problem have stalled us for now. We'd like to set it up so you could get discounts for buying more patterns, but this is difficult or impossible to set up in the shops I have now. Also, that many different patterns would be confusing to browse through on Lulu and Ravelry. Mr. Mitten is looking into setting up a shop on my website, which would have lots of great options for you, but it's going to take several months before we can get it ready. In the meantime, I'll be offering some pattern bundle discounts on Etsy.

Other popular answers included different animals, or more patterns like the Scraps Chaps, as well as more fun clothing patterns. I'm keeping lists of all the ideas you've given me, as well as any I've had, and it's enough to keep me busy for a long time! What I work on really depends on what inspires me at the time, or what will please the most people. At the moment I'm considering some costume patterns for Halloween, and maybe one or two new toy patterns I've been thinking about.

I know lots of you would like more toys knit in the round, but I still think it's best to keep the patterns simple enough for most beginners. I will try to design a few more seamless clothing patterns, for those of you who hate seaming. If you need any help converting the patterns to knit in the round, please check this blog post, leave a comment on Ravelry, or email me.

I think that's quite enough writing for one post! If you have any other ideas you'd like to share, please leave a comment or email me. Now I need to go put a little munchkin down for a nap :)


Lucy said...

I look forward to all that you come up with!! Everything sounds great, especially the shop on your website - it will be something to look forward to!!

Good luck with it all!!

Kate G. said...

Sounds wonderful, Barbara. You and Mr. Mitten are innovating up a storm and it obvious you really care about us Fuzzy fans. The Flickr idea is brilliant.

Danae said...

I look forward to seeing the flickr sets. Personally, I hate printing patterns with a lot of photos, but it would be helpful to see more pictures for better limb placement, etc.