Saturday, September 19, 2009

siamese kitty

If it's been a wee bit quiet here the last week, that's because Lev and I have both been fighting a nasty cold. It's the first time he's been sick, and he's certainly not enjoying it! I'm feeling quite rotten too, so it's been difficult to get much work done (cleaning, cooking, or knitting).

I've noticed a few chipmunks on Ravelry already. Way to go! I'm glad everyone is enjoying the pattern (and no corrections yet *crossing my fingers*). In case you missed it, we updated the Siamese Kitty pattern. If you'd like the new version, you just need to email me a copy of your receipt for the original pattern or Fuzzy Knits. If you give me your Ravelry username, I can send the pattern to you there, or I will just email it to you. (barbara at fuzzymitten . com)


Annalea said...

I followed a Rav ad to your Lulu site, and to here. The fact that your ad read:


1. Buy pattern.
2. Knit toys.
3. Sell toys.

We're cool with that.

You're awesome, for doing such a great job to reintroduce common sense. When I start my Christmas knitting, your book is at the top of my pattern list!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Newman and Zoe, my siamese twins, give you two paws up!