Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Mice

Wow, I must have been really inspired, because the pattern is done and ready! Of course, these little fellas only take a couple of hours to make. Not to waste any time, on to the details!

You can knit the mice flat on straight needles, or in the round (the brown ones are knit flat, the grey one in the round, so you can see there is little difference). The materials list says to use worsted weight yarn because that's what I usually use. The larger mice are made with worsted weight yarn, but the little one is made with sport weight yarn on 3 mm needles (he's only 2" tall), so you can really use whatever you have. The hood is knit flat with a seam up the back, and the beret is knit in the round, so you can make whichever you are comfortable with. Little details like bells, pom-poms, and ribbon bows are optional, but very cute!

Since this pattern has not been test knit, please let me know if there are any mistakes, so I can correct the pattern.

Holiday Mouse

Materials: 15 g worsted weight yarn in main colour (MC), 10 g of worsted weight yarn in contrasting colour (CC), small amount of pink worsted weight yarn, stuffing, pair of 8 mm safety eyes or buttons (or black yarn), 4 mm (US size 6) set of dpns or pair of needles, tapestry needle

Size: 8 cm (3")

Gauge: 22 sts and 32 rows per 10cm (4˝) in st st

Notes: Instructions are written for knitting flat with straight needles. To knit the toy in the round on dpns, knit all odd rows, rather than purling them (except for bobbles). Please note that you may need to shuffle sts between needles occasionally, in order to work the increases and decreases. Remember to attach safety eyes and stuff head before working Row 16.

MB = Make Bobble
Row 1: increase 5 sts into next st (knit into front, then back, front, back, front of st). (5 sts)
Row 2: p5, turn.
Row 3: k5, turn.
Row 4: p2tog, p1, p2tog, turn. (3 sts)
Row 5: s1, k2tog, psso. (1 st)
Then continue with pattern...

Start at bottom. Cast on 7 sts with MC.
Row 1: P 1 row.
Row 2: k1, [m1, k1] x 6. (13 sts)
Row 3: P 1 row.
Row 4: k3, [m1, k1] x 7, m1, k3. (21 sts)
Row 5: P 1 row.
Row 6: k7, MB, k5, MB, k7.
Row 7-9: work 3 rows in st st.
Row 10: k6, k2tog, k5, skpo, k6. (19 sts)
Row 11-13: work 3 rows in st st.
Row 14: k6, MB, skpo, k1, k2tog, MB, k6. (17 sts)
Row 15-17: work 3 rows in st st.
Row 18: k2, [skpo] x 3, k1, [k2tog] x 3, k2. (11 sts)
Bind off. Cut yarn. Sew up back seam, leaving bound-off edge open. Stuff body.

Start at back. Cast on 6 sts with MC.
Row 1: P 1 row.
Row 2: k1, [m1, k1] x 5. (11 sts)
Row 3: P 1 row.
Row 4: k2, [m1, k1] x 3, k1, [k1, m1] x 3, k2. (17 sts)
Row 5-9: work 5 rows in st st.
Row 10: k2, skpo, k1, k2tog, k3, skpo, k1, k2tog, k2. (13 sts)
Row 11: P 1 row.
Row 12: k3, k2tog, k3, skpo, k3. (11 sts)
Row 13: P 1 row.
Row 14: k2, k2tog, k3, skpo, k2. (9 sts)
Row 15: P 1 row.
Row 16: [k2tog] x 2, k1, [skpo] x 2. (5 sts)
Cut yarn, thread end through remaining sts, and pull tight to gather. Attach safety eyes. Sew seam, leaving an opening. Stuff head, adding extra stuffing to cheeks. Sew closed.

Start at front. Cast on 22 sts with CC yarn and straight needles.
Row 1: K 1 row.
Row 2: skpo, k18, k2tog. (20 sts)
Row 3: k2, p16, k2.
Row 4: skpo, k16, k2tog. (18 sts)
Row 5: k2, p14, k2.
Row 6: K 1 row.
Row 7: k2, p14, k2.
Row 8: k8, m1, k2, m1, k8. (20 sts)
Row 9: k2, p16, k2.
Row 10: k9, m1, k2, m1, k9. (22 sts)
Fold hood in half and graft together back from neck to point. Or, work one more wrong side row, then bind off, and sew back seam of hood. Add a couple lengths of yarn or ribbon to front corners for ties. If you like, add a pom-pom or bell to the hood point.

Cast on 18 sts with CC yarn and dpns. Join in the round.
Row 1-2: [k1, p1] x 9.
Row 3: [k2, m1] x 9. (27 sts)
Row 4-8: work 5 rows in st st.
Row 9: [k1, k2tog] x 9. (18 sts)
Row 10: K 1 row.
Row 11: [k2tog] x 9. (9 sts)
Row 12: K 1 row.
Row 13: [k1, k2tog] x 3. (6 sts)
Cut yarn, thread end through remaining sts, and pull tight to gather. Secure yarn ends.

Ears (make 2)
Ears must be knit flat.
Cast on 3 sts with pink yarn.
Row 1: P 1 row.
Row 2: [k1, m1] x 2, k1. (5 sts)
Row 3: P 1 row.
Row 4: k1, m1, k3, m1, k1. (7 sts)
Row 5: P 1 row.
Row 6: k1, [k2tog] x 3. (4 sts)
Bind off.

If you're not using safety eyes, sew on button eyes, or embroider them with black yarn. Embroider a nose with pink yarn. Sew bound-off edge of ears to head or hat. Sew head to bound-off edge of body. Sew hat onto head (add a bit of stuffing to the hat if you like). For the tail, make a braid or a length of I-cord from pink yarn. If you're hanging the mouse on a tree, add a loop of yarn to the top of the head. If the mouse will be a toy, you may want to sew down the sides of the bobble feet.

K or k = knit
k2tog = decrease 1 by knitting 2 together
m1 = increase 1 by picking up loop between stitch just worked and next stitch, and knit into the back of this loop
P or p = purl
p2tog = decrease 1 by purling 2 together
skpo = slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over
st or sts = stitch or stitches
st st = stocking stitch


mprezzia said...

Thanks for the pattern; the mice are so cute and the beret is awesome! Can't wait to get started;)

Wierdlings said...

I love it! Would you consider making it a PDF file to download?

Thanks for the happy smile on my face!

Allison said...

These are adorable! I love the little jingle bell on the hood. I'd be tempted to wear one like that! :)

Jacqui said...

The mice are soooo cute! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

Unknown said...

thank you for sharing this pattern, I look forward to knitting the mice.

KCina said...

oh my goodness..these guys are SO stinkin' cute! ;-)

Chiwaluv said...

Absolutely darling, thanks for sharing this wee pattern with all of us! Your patterns are awesome! And so well written, a joy to knit!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Barbara, I wasn't expecting it to be a free pattern! Thanks so much for doing that. The mice are totally adorable. However, in honor of the very long tail I saw this morning when I opened my dishtowel drawer, I think I'll make mine a RAT! Happy Holidays!

Danae said...

These are beyond adorable!!

Misty said...

Thank you so much for this charming mouse pattern--you are so generous! This a great present for all of us. :) I can't wait to cast on!

Munkeh said...

Thanks eversomuch for the adorable pattern. The mice are wonderful!!! THanks for sharing your pattern!

Petra said...

Thank you so much for this lovely pattern. The mice are adorable.

Unknown said...

very cute, I make a pdf whith you explains and I send it to you ;o)

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Aww they are so cute! Thank you so much for the mice pattern!


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Vacskamati said...

DEar Barbara, thank you for this lovely pattern! These mousies are so cute!!

Acornbud said...

These are adorable! Thanks for sharing:) Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog..Love your Etsy what you do!!! I'll be back often and thank you for sharing patterns too. - MaLinda

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing such a cute pattern - and shame on you for adding to my holiday knitting list (I'm kidding!!!) - My mom likes mouse-stuff and these are adorable!!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Thank you for doing this! The mice are adorable and I can't wait to try making one, more if I can.
Thank you again!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

how perfectly lovely!!
I am so wanting to make one right now!! Thank you for your generosity.

Sally T. said...

These are just adorable! Thanks so much for the pattern! These are already on the list for Christmas next year.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this lovely mouse. I knitted it in miniature and would ask permission to post a translation on my blog

Barbara Prime said...

Saskia: I don't mind if you want to post a translation, as long as you will link to the original pattern post. Please email me if you have any more questions (barbara at fuzzymitten . com)

Unknown said...

It's a shame I dont know how to knit lol. I would LOVE to be able to make something like this. I, however, have to depend on others to make them for me, ooops, lol...

Jen Price said...

These little guys are so cute! I write for a site called Today's Mama ( and I'm currently writing a series on Christmas Crafting. I would like to link to this post and wanted to ask your permission to use the first photo. I will give photo credits to you. Let me know.

jeremynjenprice (at) gmail (dot) com

Loppelill said...

Thanks so much for the pattern!

knittinglane said...

Thank you SO much for this incredibly adorable pattern!! You are so talented (and generous)!

Kathie Bartlett said...

The mice are the sweetest things! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent!!

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Thank you so much for the pattern. They are the cutest things!

MissKnitMisfit said...

how do I contact you with corrections? Absolutely cute mice!!! I love 'em :)

pip said...

I love these... I'd like to make lots of them and have them as baubles on my tree ^..^ have a mice Christmas :)

Little Ol' Liz said...

How did I miss these when first posted? Now I know how I'll spend my New Year -- knitting next year's Christmas Mouse ornaments! Thank you for sharing this adorable pattern.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

So cute! I want to make some for next year :)

Unknown said...

I haven't seen any patterns this adorable in quite some time!

I shall definately make a set of these adorable "Little Cuties".

I know I shall cherish them!

Thank You Very Much,


morikomidori said...

thank you so much for sharing this :3

Adriana Ochoa said...

Terminé el patrón con tus indicaciones, y la cabeza me quedó extremadamente grande. Además no explicas si es el patrón del ratón pequeñito o de los papás???
Adriana Ochoa

Unknown said...

I must have made at least 30 of these mice over the last couple of years, they're wonderful and so nice to have a pattern that actually works. I sew the ears onto the head rather than the hood though so that the hood can be worn up or down which is quite cute. Thank you :)

ohara said...

Going to try as decoration for a baby gift. Thanks for your generosity.

ohara said...

Going to try to accompany a baby gift. Thanks for your generosity.

Ellisen said...

So very sweet! Thank you for sharing with us. Happy Holidays!

Paula G said...

I love these! I first found the pattern a few years ago and have made about a dozen since. I wanted to make a couple more this year (friends wanted me to add to their mouse family)and couldn't find my print out. Horrors! I'm so happy I found this blog again! Thanks so much for this pattern!

LED said...

Unbelievably sweet! Knitted a pair in silk mohair on 2mm needles for some friend's engagement present. Tiny and adorable