Friday, November 13, 2009

under the weather

Oh poor, dear blog! You've been so neglected lately. This time it was a cold keeping me away. A horrible, mean cold that's kept me under the weather for a week now (the state of our house makes it seem longer). Only today am I feeling a faint hope of being well someday soon.

Sweet Mr. Mitten has spent his evenings keeping the dirty dishes and stray toys from overwhelming us, as well as being a stellar daddy, so there hasn't been much progress on the new Fuzzy Knits. But with so much of the work being done in tiny bits and pieces, we'll probably sit down to work on it one day, and have it ready in a blink!

I did find a wee bit of time the other day to snap a few test shots for the book. I think the photos are a good start, although I wish there was a hobby shop around here with fun miniatures. I'm pretty stumped for ideas for a few of the toys, so I guess it's all right that we're not quite ready for the pictures yet.

I do have a cool idea for a holiday clothing pattern for you, and the yarn for it is ordered. I just hope it gets here soon, and I have enough time to make it up, before all the holiday craziness really gets rolling!


Jacqui said...

Hope you feel better soon. Your pictures are lovely and your new toys are gorgeous. I just know the book is going to be worth the wait!

Jennifer said...

I have a couple of Adirondack chairs that might be the right size for some of your animals.