Wednesday, February 24, 2010

puppet kits

 The Bunny Puppet kits are now available for purchase on Etsy. I'm trying something different this time, which will hopefully save me a lot of time. There are 3 kinds of yarn available for the kits, with one listing each. You just need to send me a message with the yarn colour of your choice. As each colour is sold out, I will update the listing. However, this means that I can only list one kit at a time. If you don't feel like checking back all the time, you can subscribe to my shop updates (there should be an link at the bottom right of my shop page, under Shop Tools,  which says "subscribe to shop feed").

I will do my best to keep on top of things, but I may be away from the computer sometimes (I do need to sleep!), so I ask you to be patient.

Please note that all the kits are for size small-medium puppets only. It was just much simpler this way! If you would really like a large kit ($10.50 plus shipping) send me a message on Etsy, and I'll see if there's enough yarn left to make you a special listing.

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Alyssa Thomas said...

These are AMAZING! I absolutely love them!