Sunday, March 28, 2010

just knitting toys

I've been thinking a lot lately about what's next. Working on Fuzzy Knits was a huge project, and I am super proud of the results, but so happy that it's done! Countless possible projects have been dancing around in my head, each trying to shout louder than the other that, "this is what everyone wants to knit next!" I think it's a little too crowded in there right now, and I just can't decide what I want to work on. Nothing much seems inspiring, in spite of the entire page of toy ideas I have written down (yes, a full page!). Everyone I ask has their own preference, and all I can muster is a lack of enthusiasm. Although somehow, while just casually thinking about my yarn stash, I think up a fabulous new idea that would be so cute!

Through all of this confusion, I've kept thinking about the stuff I really miss doing, because designing has been taking up all my time for the past year. I really miss just knitting toys for the fun of it - creating something small and cuddly with it's own personality. Something I can work away at, without writing down every detail. Changing little bits here and there, to suit the picture I have in my head. And then, sending them out into the world to be loved by someone else. As much as I enjoy having oodles of knitted toys around the house, it does make me a little sad that they will never be snuggled, chewed on, squished, cuddled up, or carried around by someone who loves them*. Or, that they might have a special place with someone older, who will look at them lovingly every day, and perhaps smile about some happy memory that the toy brings back to them.

So for the next few months, while I'm also busy with my garden and rapidly growing boy, I will be just knitting toys. The new ideas will always be there, and I will probably work on them a bit when I feel like it. But I think I have plenty of cute patterns to keep everyone busy for long enough to give me the break I need. Besides, I still have to release the rest of individual designs from Fuzzy Knits, which is quite a lot in itself!

*Lev has a nice selection of knitted toys for his very own, so don't worry! Most especially, this particular bear is quite the worse for wear.


Misty said...

I think you should work on whatever you are most excited to do and not feel obligated to design a lot of patterns. If you feel like you want to knit toys, then go for it! I'm looking forward to purchasing your new book. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it!

periwinkle said...

everyone needs to take a step back sometimes . You have worked so hard, now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labour :-)

K said...

Barbara - I'm an author, and I'm in the same place you are. I can't work up any forward leaning energy for writing new stories. But I don't think this is a bad thing at all. Real life - with children - that's the most demanding and thoroughly satisfying and fulfilling creative project you will ever take on, and I'd rather produce one great kid than a million books. You certainly have done enough patterns to keep an entire nation of knitters delighted for years. So I'm with you.