Thursday, September 2, 2010

fun for Autumn

Hello to all my dedicated readers out there. I'm so sorry for the long absence. I've been under the weather for a while (why do so many people get sick at the end of summer?) and it hasn't been helped by a heat wave in Montreal this week. Let's all hope that both will pass very soon!

I have got a bit of knitting done, which might lead to a fun new pattern for Autumn. I'm hoping to get it ready just when knitters (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway) are starting to think about getting out the wool, and making a start on holiday gifts. No more hints for now, though, as it still needs some work before I can show it to you.

I've also been thinking of another Knit-along on Ravlery, with some sort of Autumn or Halloween theme. The summer KAL was fun, but most people were too busy to participate. Maybe cooler weather and a more specific goal will help?

There have been a couple of other exciting developments, which I've been itching to share. Let's all hope I can do that soon!

To end on a cute note, here's some evidence that our little Baby Mitten is not a baby any more! He's grown and changed a lot over the summer - we really need to get more videos of him!

20100821: Big Boy Bed from Konstantin Ryabitsev on Vimeo.


Rooie said...

Oh my, Lev is getting so big! Hope he isn't hitting the floor too many times during the night.

K said...

Dear fuzzzies - you sound JUST like us. I have to tell you that every time, EVERY dang time we finally put the crib away, I had a terrible emotional reaction to it, as though I were packing away the actual baby who had slept in it. And the last time was the absolute worst. I had to disassemble the crib myself, screw by screw, but had this chill around my heart. The old baby had left - but the new baby was so wonderful and charming and amazing, the big boy baby, that I'd get over it all pretty quick. That was a long time ago. But I still remember. It's a wonderful room. And a wonderful boy. And you do sound just like us (What's on your wall? Bugs?) - oh, yeah.

cagio said...

I love new pattern teases but really - I love - love Lev videos so much more. He is so big and so cute! Thanks for sharing. That was super fun. I hope he's staying in bed okay.