Tuesday, October 11, 2011

busy days

The days have been full and busy, with not much time to pick up a camera and record them. Also, Kyr hasn't been sleeping well, so neither have I. Most days I feel a bit like a zombie, wandering around the house, trying to keep kids happy, laundry washed, and enough food cooked to keep us going. If that's all I get done, it feels like a good day. Anyway, I'm sure all you other mums out there can relate. Here's a couple cute photos I did manage to get. Until we're sleeping better, that will be all :)

cute baby making puppy eyes 
(probably because he wants something I'm eating)
cool giraffe, waiting for my Etsy shop update 
(could be a few weeks, the way life is right now)

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K said...

LOL. It's SO nice to be old. I went without a full night's sleep for about three years - had Cam, who woke up every night for way over a year and a half, by which time I was pregnant with Chaz, who didn't sleep through the night till she was almost two. I was nearly crazy, divorced and murderous. I'm better now. There's a lesson in there somewhere.