Thursday, November 17, 2011

still alive

Hello there, loyal readers! A quick post for you, to show that I'm still alive. However, I've been struggling with a recurring illness which has made it difficult to do more than keep an eye on the kids while they watch cartoons all day. As well, Mr. Mitten has started a new job which is keeping him very busy. Let's all hope I get better soon, so I can keep in touch a little better!

Here's a little bit of knitting I've managed lately. A very modified version of this pattern. I knit the 6-12 month size, realized it wasn't going to fit as it was, but didn't have the heart to pull it all out (mostly because this was attempt number 6 at knitting a hat for the baby). I kept adding bits until it finally worked. I hope it fits for a while, so all that knitting was worth it!

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K said...

Hon, I hope you get feeling better very soon. Being down with small ones is not fun. But baby looks just genuinely very happy and satisfied with everything - and the knitting is, of course, wonderful. Don't push yourself. Life is shorter and more important than we realize most of the time - and by life, I mean sharing space and peace, having a home, being able to breathe and love. You have it all.