Friday, January 20, 2012

busy bee

Still here! Still breathing! I'm taking what time I can to do things that make me feel better, but that doesn't leave much for answering emails, writing, or work-knitting. Hopefully you haven't been waiting too long to hear from me (my group on Ravelry is super helpful if you need a quick question answered).

Here's something I have been doing: enjoying plenty of time with these chubby cheeks! Kyr is over 10 months now: crawling, walking around the furniture, babbling all day long, and growing out of everything!  Here he's wearing some pants I quickly whipped up from an old pattern I borrowed from my mom, a vest I knit him a month ago (with cute car buttons from my friend), and a hat I knit for Lev last Autumn (the hat is way too big on him, but looked too cute!) As you can tell, I'm making the most of this little break from work.

(I'm also busy as a bee with all the other things a mom does - I started this post in the early afternoon, and only got it finished after the kids were in bed!)


K said...

Oh, adorable cheeks. Adorable hat. Adorable vest. If I had someone like that around to play with, I'd never bother to blog, I think. You sound better. He looks terrific.

Little Ol' Liz said...

Just when I think you've fallen off the flat side of the Earth --- blam! A new post.

Feels like that little gift you open prior to all the gifts on Christmas morning. :)

Second Hand Rose said...

So sweet Kyr is adorable! I love the little hat it will definitely keep him warm and the waistcoat is gorgeous! XxxX