Tuesday, June 26, 2012

summer vacation sale

We're headed out west next week, to spend the summer with my family! Mountains, lakes, forests, small towns, cousins, grandparents, and all kinds of other good things. My 3-year old asks about 20 times a day how soon we're leaving. I'm looking forward to actually being there. Getting ready to go is another matter! Thank goodness we have lovely friends house-sitting for us, so there's a lot less to worry about (like poor lonely kitties).

As a little summer treat for you, my lovely knitters, I'm having a sale in my Ravelry shop. The sale starts June 27 and runs until July 11. You'll get 15% off all my single patterns, and 10% off both my ebooks. No coupon code, and no minimum purchase required (just to make things simpler for all of us). Why not pick a summery pattern, like the Alpaca with Bikini or Surfer Koala? Or if you've done these already, knit summer outfits for your other toys! You could also try using a soft cotton yarn for more comfortable knitting in summer weather. I've been knitting up a bunch of Wee Wuzzies for gifts in un-dyed organic cotton. You can get all kinds of colours which are perfect for little animals (I've used this one, and really like it).

Before we leave, I have a couple blog posts I'd like to get written. A small modification on the Pookies to make another cute animal, and I've just had a fun idea for a give-away. So check back soon!

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