Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Give-away winners

Using a random number generator, I picked four numbers for the winners of the give-away. The first, winner of the little things I posted about yesterday, is MrKnitster! I hope you like all the things I chose. The other three winners will get a postcard from me, with a note or drawing on the back. Those winners are Jessicapiroli, Karine, and Robin Meng. I'll be emailing you all shortly, to get your mailing addresses.

I hope you all enjoyed the give-away, especially since it was a surprise, and even I didn't know what the gift would be!

I still have a few couple weeks of vacation here with my family, and then I'm off on a short trip to Portland with my husband! He has to work, but I get to sight-see, do a bit of shopping, and maybe visit with one or two people. Then it's back to Montreal: preschool for the boys, and work for the husband and me. That's right, starting in September Fuzzymitten will be back up and running again! I am very excited, and I have plans for some new toys, tutorials, and new types of projects.

I hope you all enjoy and make the most of the last few weeks of summer!

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K said...

Enjoy the rest of your vacation - and think of your OWN little self for a while. The days of being to immerse yourself in family and new adventures are precious.