Wednesday, September 5, 2012

back to work

Today is my first full day of work since Kyr was born, 18 months ago. Both boys are off at preschool today, and I finally started getting myself organized! I wrote up lists of projects, prioritized everything, went and got supplies, and then attacked my disaster of a yarn stash (I figured it wouldn't do to start anything before I knew what I had).

Four hours later, everything is finally back in it's place, neatly organized into bags by weight and colour. There's also a large bag of yarn to be sent off to the thrift store. I discovered I have far more of some things than I will probably ever use (how many outfits would I have to knit to use up 6 large ziploc bags of fingering weight yarn?) But also much less of some things than I would like (such as full balls of worsted weight yarn for knitting toys). At least I have what I need for the first project on my list.

Tomorrow, I think I will clean up the rest of my studio, just to make a really good start at this working thing.


Kardemumma said...

I'd love to take that large bag of yarn to be sent off to the thrift store. Unfortunately I live so far away.

K said...

I was thinking right along the same lines as Kardemumma, actually. I have huge boxes of yarn, roughly organized into types, more than I'll probably use in a lifetime. But then, I have buckets and cabinets full of quilting fabric, too -the same. But I like that. I like knowing that I've got potential here. The stupid thing is that I tend to run for something new when I start a new project - instead of checking the stash. Idiot. How nice that you had the chance to go through things and make it all neat and findable.

jgontour said...

Welcome back! How nice to get everything organised.