Wednesday, November 21, 2012

happy holidays sale

Do you still have time to fit in one or two little holiday knitting projects? Of course you do! Or perhaps you'd like to gift a pattern to someone who likes to knit cute toys? Starting November 22 and running until November 30 (eastern time in Canada), there will be a Happy Holidays Sale in my Ravelry shop!

Use the coupon code "happyholidays" to get 20% off the following holiday patterns:
Baby Penguin
Cozy Elf Tuque
Festive Knits (ebook)
Macaroni Penguin
Polar Bear
Santa Reindeer
Surfer Koala (for my friends in the Southern hemisphere)

But even if you decide not to use the coupon, I have a new holiday pattern for you which should be ready very soon!

1 comment:

kervei said...

ow, what have you decided on- I want to know! What colours should I have ready....
Boy, you have got me curious now... I saw loads of fun ideas.. (like the partridge and the wombat-I don't have ornaments like that!)