Wednesday, March 6, 2013

kyr at 2

Happy second birthday to Kyr! You are an interesting and complex little boy, and I'm not sure I quite know you yet. I love how you chatter, and are so friendly with other people. You adore your big brother, but you also know how to stand up for yourself. Daddy is by far your favourite person, but I'm the one you ask for in the middle of the night (I'm not sure who is luckier). Right now your favourite toys are puzzles, anything on the ipad, and your Pinkie-Pie doll. Your favourite show is Blue's Clues. You are starting to learn numbers and letters, but colours get you very confused. You love almost all kinds of fruit, but you dislike meat, except a bit of fish sometimes. You could play in the sand and water for hours, but I'm pretty sure you could do without snow. I love how you cuddle, and laugh so hard when we're silly together, and how happy you are to see me.

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Catie said...

happy birthday to your beautiful boy - he sounds like a joy to be around.