Tuesday, May 28, 2013

quiet usually means busy

While it's been rather quiet here on my blog, I've been quite busy with my knitting needles. Two very exciting opportunities came my way about a month ago, and I said yes to both of them! This means I'm having loads of fun, working much harder than I'm used to, and making very cute things I can't share with you yet.

Over the past few weeks I've been too caught up to have much chance to write to you, but hopefully I will have a little more time next month. However, since I can't share my current knitting, maybe you'd like to hear about some of the other things I do? I sew as much as I can find time for, usually clothes for myself and other family members, sometimes little things to brighten up my home. I also adore gardening, and my gardens are coming along nicely this year. I also enjoy cooking, and I've shared some recipes in the past. Maybe I will post a few of the dishes my family likes best right now. I hope you'll enjoy reading about all of these things.

Sadly, I've had to put on hold the pattern I'd planned for early summer release, but there are some other things for you to look forward to. I plan to update one of my most-loved patterns for a September release, and that I can definitely share with you. I've also been thinking about reorganizing and expanding the clothing bundles I sell. Would many of you be interested in that?

Until then, I hope you continue to stop by, and I'll talk to you soon!

(P.S. The photos are from a recent trip to Vermont, for my birthday)


Unknown said...

Barbara, yes please to the clothing bundles! I have made many of your animals for my daughter, and they all need new clothes. Thanks for thinking of this!

Non mi pare il caso said...

Definitely yes to the clothing bundles and to the recipes, sewing and gardening thing. It's always an inspiration reading what other are passionate about :)