Friday, June 21, 2013

fruit popsicles

We had a glorious first day of Summer here, much appreciated after a rather cool and rainy Spring. What follows isn't exactly a recipe, but an idea to get you inspired for tasty and healthy Summer treats.

Watermelon Popsicles

You will need some watermelon, a blender or food-processor, and some popsicle moulds. This is especially good to do with over-ripe watermelon that isn't as nice to eat as is.
Slice the watermelon, cut off the white and rind, then cut the watermelon into 1" pieces. Remove any seeds. Put the melon into your blender or food-processor and blend until very smooth. Pour into the moulds, and freeze. Easy as that! Any leftover blended watermelon is nice to drink.

Some other things that make tasty popsicles are unsweetened applesauce mixed half-and-half with unsweetened fruit juices (the applesauce keeps the popsicles from getting too hard for kids to eat easily). You can also freeze most fruit smoothies (although smoothies with yogurt may give you a different texture). You can try blending other soft fruits: first remove skins from fruits like peaches, and you may need to add a little sweetener to tart fruits. As a kid, I loved raspberry popsicles, made from just mashed raspberries with a bit of sugar (and these days you have so many options for alternative natural sweeteners).

I hope you have fun plans for the Summer to come!

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K said...

Ach! How long have I been gone? He is OLD!! How could he have grown up so much? And now I want one of those pops!!