Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Busy as a bee

I've been busy as a bee for the last couple months, but Spring can be like that for many people. In my regular job I'm a gardener, so this time of year is extra busy for me. I spend long hours playing in the dirt, rain or shine. Sadly, this doesn't leave much time for my Fuzzy Mitten stuff, which I love so much.

I've knit a few toys over the past few weeks, mostly custom orders for friends, so my shop is a little bare at the moment. I wish I had time to make more, but it won't happen for a little while yet. Hopefully you can all be patient. I'm very pleased with the big teddy pattern, though heaven knows how I found the time for that! I can't remember how I managed it. I'd been thinking about it for a while, and he turned out so perfect! The little toys are so sweet, but I wanted something just the right size for a bigger kid to cuddle.

As for this fledgling blog, at the moment it will be mostly about updates to my shops and whatever happens to be on my mind at the time I'm writing. I plan to set up something a little better come this Autumn. Something more personalized, and I will try to stick to a few subjects related to what I do, although other stuff might creep in sometimes (some might say I think too much about everything, and writing about it helps me clear my head).

Hope you all have a great week! Summer weather here, and I plan to enjoy it smile

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