Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pin cushions continued...

Pin cushions
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Here are my experiments for the day. Things did not go nearly as smoothly as I had imagined, but isn't life like that?

The one on the left has 2 pieces of sheet magnet inside, which turned out to be not nearly enough to hold a needle, let alone a bunch of pins like I imagined. I do like the shape of it, although this was finally accomplished on the third try and by hand-sewing most of it. Small things on sewing machines are difficult to get as perfect as I want them.

The one on the right was also hand-sewn, but on the outside in a decorative stitch. I don't like this one as much - the edges look untidy, and the shape is not very pleasing. Hopefully I can make something prettier from the rest of that fabric.

I sunk into a bit of despair, after discovering the magnet doesn't work the way I wanted. It didn't help I started out feeling a bit insecure this morning, for whatever reason. I spent a lot of money on the magnet (after Canada Post lost my first order). I thought I might actually sell a few if I had something different and useful, since there are already plenty of lovely pin cushions for sale on Etsy.

My husband tries to remind me that you can never tell if the things that happen to you are good or bad, you must be patient and see what comes of them. Something that seems bad one day, turns out to be great the next. It's true - I've seen it happen in my own life. But I'm not good at remembering this advice, and wallow in my grumpiness for a while, until something else takes my attention away from the problem.

If I can figure out the problems with my pin cushions, I think I will make up a few more, and have a give-away on my blog. Something to say thanks for all the lovely comments you leave me.


melanie girouard said...

Do not despair. Knowing you, I know you always find a brilliant way out of difficult situation. Do not worry too much, leave it aside and let the thoughts in the background find the solution for you.

Unfortunately, since I know very very few about sewing, I can't help you with advices...

sara said...

I read your blog every day. I love your knitting patterns and think that you are so creative. Carry on the good work.