Monday, November 26, 2007

again with the sweater!

Malabrigo Baby Lace in Pearl colourway

Okay, maybe you're all getting a bit tired of this, but I'm super excited and feel like sharing. So after all the trouble choosing a yarn for the Snow White sweater, I finally received the yarn, and it was everything I hoped. Except... it's a lot finer than I expected. I might still be able to use it for that sweater by using smaller needles and knitting a larger size, but that makes me a little nervous. I want to love the sweater I knit from it, and not have to rip it out 6 times until I get the size right.

So. I was browsing around Flickr the other day, and saw this sweater. I fell in love with it too, and the awesome thing is, it uses lace weight yarn. While it looks so lovely and soft in the Kidsilk, I think the Malabrigo will be just fine. Plus, the book the pattern is in has other sweet patterns I want to knit too. It was a bit troublesome to locate a copy of Rowan Studio 4, but I finally snagged a copy off Ebay. It's almost a good thing it won't get here for a couple weeks, because I have Christmas knitting to do!

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