Sunday, November 25, 2007

sleepy kitty

Yesterday I found time to make four sleeping bags for the toys, and I love how they turned out - much better than the pouches I made on my first try. They are all lined with soft flannel from an old sheet, and the outsides are whatever I found in my fabric stash that I felt like using. This one is a bit of checked seersucker I found at the thrift store, one is made from an old pillow case, the other two from nice fabric I bought new. It feels so good to do a bit of successful sewing. Plus it was an incentive to give my machine a well-deserved oiling.

I think I woke him up :)

Another idea I had recently, that I forgot to mention yesterday, was a featured clothing pattern. The idea is this: each month I will have for sale a different clothing pattern, and on the sixth month, I will put them all together into a bundle of patterns. The clothing patterns I choose will be based on whatever outfit I've had the most questions about, or whatever one I really like and want to share. This way, you can get whatever one you like, or wait and buy them all together (at a lower price). I'm going to start in December with the hat and scarf pattern from the Silly Duck, maybe with a slipper/sock pattern as well. What do you think of the idea? I think there are going to be some well-dressed toys out there!

How you doin'?

I will still put out the occasional new toy. I've had some questions lately about a cow I made, so in January I will start working on that. But the number of patterns I have now is almost the maximum I can manage, so as I add new patterns, I might remove some of the older unpopular ones.

Also, thanks for your nice words yesterday :) It's so awesome to know that lovely kind people read my blog, and care about what I do.


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of clothing pattern a month.

Oooh the cow! I so cant wait for the cow pattern to become available!


donna said...

I'll be watching for the clothing patterns.I would love to see some funky hats for the bunnies especially.

Lucy said...

Fantastic idea Barbara - I look for forward very much to seeing new clothing patterns for your lovely toys. I'm definitely interested in the cow pattern too - love your cow on Flickr!! Happy Knitting!