Wednesday, November 28, 2007

hint #2

woolley and feathered friend
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If you happen to spin wool as well as knit, hand-spun yarn makes beautiful little sheep. This is my first time using hand-spun for a toy, and I love the texture and woolly smell. This sheep was made from some rather expensive Jacob/Corriedale yarn given to me by Deb Woolley of the Irish Ewe. I'm a bit sad the rest of the yarn has to go back to her with the toy.


Lucy said...

Love the little sheep - Keep on designing toys - I know and appreciate how much work goes into perfecting one's creations! Looking forward to the pattern a month plan - Happy Knitting!

The Woolley Farm said...

Can't wait to get Ashcroft home. You did an amazing job! I'm going to print out his pic & frame it. Now, I can start collecting little outfits for him.