Thursday, December 6, 2007

limited time reindeer

I've decided to only sell the reindeer pattern until the end of December. It is a rather seasonal pattern, so in the new year I will put up a slightly different version for sale - either a horse or a unicorn. The reindeer pattern will be offered again next autumn, so don't worry that it will disappear forever!

I think I may also discontinue the owl pattern, and perhaps one more which I haven't decided on yet. The owl has never been very popular, and the number of patterns is beginning to be difficult to manage. I am open to discussion on this topic, though. If you think I should keep all the patterns, and continue to add new ones, then I will do my best to keep it all under control :)


Lucy said...

I think a unicorn would be a fantastic replacement for the reindeer! A cow would be a great replacement for the owl too - love that cow you have on Flickr!Have a super Christmas with your family - love the little trees!

Sara said...

I agree with Lucy a unicorn would be nice and i do love that cow