Friday, February 8, 2008

full house

Here are some of the toys hanging around my house lately; although, this photo is a few days old, so there are some new critters, and one of the cuties in this photo is already gone. They look all good and behaved, lined up like that, but I have my suspicions that they get into trouble in the middle of the night. Their sweet innocent faces don't fool me. Besides, my cats know a trick or two, and I'm sure they conspire with the toys to party it up during the night, leaving fuzz and bits of yarn all over my house.

I took a bit of a break from knitting yesterday to do some baking. I got myself a lovely new KitchenAid mixer last week (courtesy of some wedding present money) and I've been putting it through it's paces. First I made rye bread, for my Russian sweetie. It turned out chewy and tasty, and met with great approval. Then I made peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies, just because. They were also much appreciated!

I was also given a sweet little table for my sewing machine, so now it has a home! I was so tired of dragging it out of the closet every time I wanted to sew something. Now I have a corner of our spare room all set up for sewing. My first project is a heating-bag/toy for my nephew's first birthday. I made it in a teddy-bear shape, and it has striped flannel pyjamas. Plus, my sister can remove the flax-filled bag to heat it in the microwave, to make the toy warm and cuddly.

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Anonymous said...

Barbara - your toys are so sweet. But I agree - i think they look a little too innocent. I think I may have got a conspiratorial look on one or two! How do you ever let them go?