Monday, March 24, 2008

hippo correction #1

Someone found a small mistake in the hippo pattern, in the instructions for the leg. I haven't written out the full instructions, but you should be able to locate this section in your pattern. You will find the correct stitch count in bold:

Next: P 3 rows.
Next: k2, skpo, k15, k2tog, k2. (21 sts) P 1 row.
Next: k5, [k2tog] twice, k3, [skpo] twice, k5. (17 sts)
Work 7 rows in st st.

The original pattern was off by one stitch, which hopefully is a small enough error that you won't be too upset with me. I really do need to find some test knitters, or even proof-readers. None of my knitting friends are interested in making toys, so I've always just relied on myself to check my patterns, and hope I don't make too many mistakes.

I'm planning a big post for tomorrow with a bunch of photos about what I was up to this weekend. There were no eggs and only one bunny, but there was chocolate ice cream and lots of fun!


Sara said...

i would be more than happy to test patterns for you...also ravelry has a tester pool im sure you can find plenty of ppl willing to test night your patterns there.

Sara (sarloz)

Unknown said...

Ditto to the above comment i'm sure you'd find plenty of people to test your fantastic patterns i know i'd certainly be willing to if you were ever looking for people test knit your adorable patterns.

Jacqui said...

Me too. I'd be happy to test your knitting patterns for you. Imagine knitting one of your patterns and being able to tell the family its 'work' and 'I'm not stopping till its finished...' Brilliant :)