Saturday, May 3, 2008

new kits

I was planning to save these kits for the craft fair, but I won't know if I've been accepted for 2 weeks yet, and I haven't put anything interesting in my shop for ages. There are three kits with tote bags, and one with a zipper pouch. All are for different toy patterns: a squirrel, a puppy, a monkey, and a mouse. Also, the bags and yarn colours are all different, so there's something for everyone. I would have liked to make more than four, but I used up the last of my Fuzzy Knits books and available yarn to make these. Looks like I'll be placing some orders and spending money here soon!

If I don't get into the craft fair, there will be more things coming to my Etsy shop soon. If I do get in, well, I'll be making stuff like mad. But it's likely there will be left-overs, so that will all go to my shop after the fair in July.


Anonymous said...

I only recently bought some of your patterns. I wish I had waited for the revised versions!

Catie said...

I was just wondering, have you looked into selling the patterns via Ravelry? I don't know how hard or expensive it would be to set up but it is a thought... I'm so excited to look at the pattern bundle.

Anonymous said...

To go back to the lamb - maybe people start with the free lamb pattern and then you have them hooked! They are very addictive! Looking forward to the farmyard fuzzies.

sara said...

At last I have one of your kits. I bought the monkey one from etsy. I really wanted one of your tote bags but at least I got one.
It looks great.
Many thanks.

Unknown said...

Good luck getting into the fair. Have you done this before? I'll bet it would be fun and exciting. You little animals are the sweetest things around. :)