Friday, June 20, 2008

oh yeah, that knitting thing

Yesterday was a great day! I felt better than I had in weeks, and even managed to get something useful done. A good friend of mine had given me two pieces of Amy Butler fabric for my birthday, and I finally had a good idea what to make with it. I wanted a new bag, something versatile that could hold my water bottle plus knitting or a warm sweater. What I came up with is a square bag, 12"x12x3, with a zipper across the top and lots of pockets, inside and out. I'm planning to add some removable handles, so it can be a backpack or purse, but I need some help with measuring before I can make those. I'll try to get some good photos when it's done.

However, all this being tired and sick lately has been hard on my other hobbies. Yeah, that knitting thing, not so much of that going on lately. I have lots of lovely yarn sitting around, and at least 2 toys in various stages of being done, but I just haven't felt like knitting. It probably doesn't help that I have only one commission on the go, with a September deadline. Even my own projects aren't getting much attention. Socks seem too slow, and I'm getting worried that I won't have enough yarn to finish a sweater I started a while back. It's knit from Malabrigo, so there's little hope of getting more that will look at all the same. I'm thinking of frogging it and using the lovely soft yarn for something else, maybe a shawl to wrap around me this fall.

Anyway, here's a cute photo that should help anyone not feeling like knitting. When there's hugs like that around, how can you not find a reason to knit something cuddly?


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. Love the cute photo. Have a good weekend.

sweetp said...

Aww cute photo. But the mother I have to say that lol. Lambie is well loved, thanks for the great pattern.
Hope you get your knitting mojo back soon :)

Catie said...

That photo is so incredibly cute! I love how Lambie is peaking over her shoulder.

Acornbud said...

Adorable picture of Lambie and child:) Glad you are feeling better. Hope the knitting mojo returns soon!

Whispy Love said...

Her curls are adorable:P