Thursday, October 30, 2008

more bats for Halloween

Hey there. I hope you're all doing well, and getting ready for Halloween (those of you who celebrate it, anyway). Here's another adorable bat, knit by Dani. I really like how fuzzy he is! I'm glad I have a few photos of these bats in the flickr group, so maybe more people will get inspired to post photos of their own.

Autumn is progressing steadily here. We've had our first bit of snow, and most of the leaves are down now. I've got a new coat (which actually fits over my growing belly) and wear a hat, scarf, and mittens to the train every morning. I love this part of the season, because the arrival of snow is still exciting and beautiful - the fluffy, thick blanket of snow that you know is going to stay and is the first sign of winter. Year after year, it never grows old, and I never feel like complaining about it (unlike some people, but they're probably the same ones who always complain about the weather, no matter what it is). Maybe I can convince my hubby to get out this weekend, and we can get some photos. We haven't done that in ages.

I guess I haven't talked about my pregnancy in a while, have I? Everything seems to be going as it should. I get bigger every week, and the baby is so active, he tires me out most days (and he's not even born yet)! We've hired a doula, so now I need to start looking forward and planning for the birth. Funny enough, I've just been trying to get through each day as it comes, and haven't given much thought to the conclusion of all this! But it's reassuring to have someone so experienced to help us, since most of my family is so far away, and my doctor is too busy to really support us as much as we might like.

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