Monday, October 27, 2008

new fuzzy knits kits

I've been working on a batch of kits over the past month or more, and I'm glad they're finally done and up in my shop. I seemed to only ever find a few hours at a time to work on them, but I get tired so easily now, I really couldn't have pushed myself to get them done sooner. They are all offered with the Fuzzy Knits book, but as before, if you already have the book but want the kit please contact me! It's important to do this before buying the kit, so I won't have to pay extra fees on the cost of the book. They generally don't sell too fast, so don't worry about missing your chance.

Some of the kits have hand-dyed yarn again, since it's so much fun to do. I particularly love the variegated blue yarn I made for the lamb kit, and wish I'd thought to make another skein for myself. The way I dye the yarn, every skein is unique, but I rarely get to see what people make with them. I know I could get truer colours with proper acid dyes, but the food colouring has such interesting reactions with itself and the yarn, I often get really lovely marbling and heathering in the yarn.


Mare said...

That blue yarn is so beautiful! I love the variations in the color and shading!

Anonymous said...

This yarn is really beautiful, I love the different colors of blue !ph