Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pei vacation

Finally, here are some photos from our trip. Most of them are from our day at the beach, since it was the only non-rainy day of the whole holiday. The first photo is of a beach on the north shore of PEI, at the national park. The beaches there were beautiful, and I can imagine they are full of swimmers and surfers in the summer (the swells looked great for surfing, although I've never tried it). It was pretty chilly that day, although we did our best to enjoy ourselves.

We took a lot of video on the trip too, and Mr. Mitten put it all together the other day. It's not exciting, I must admit, but does chronicle the trip nicely.
One of the days we were there, we stopped at Rossignol winery, which is the only winery on the island. I only got to have the tiniest of sips to taste, but we brought home 3 bottles of different wines, which will hopefully last long enough to me to have some!
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