Thursday, October 9, 2008

post editing

I need to find some better way to write posts, as the formatting on the final post never looks the way I want, and they give you such a tiny window to work within. In fact, the editing window is often smaller than the photos I want to use, which makes it really tricky to get the photos moved around to where I want them, let alone get the paragraphs in the right place around the photos. Any bloggers out there who have any suggestions? I guess the fact that I use linux, rather than MS, makes things slightly different too.


Laura & Grant Brittain said...

I don't know about your blog, but when I use my Tumblr blog I often write it in Word and then paste it into the little blog window. Adding the phtos is easy in Tumblr, though.

Drives me nuts to write in those little windows!
Good luck,

Laura said...

'Scuse the typo in that last comment, how silly.