Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mr. Mitten's giveaway results

Charlie, originally uploaded by mricon.

I only had two submissions for the contest, and, as promised, I was totally arbitrary picking the winner. :)

I'll be sending the portrait to Kathy whenever I find my paper fixative. I used to bump into a can of it all the time, making me feel guilty that I don't draw as much as I used to, and now that I actually need it, I can't find it anywhere -- I must have put it somewhere "safe." I guess a trip to the art store is in order.

I may do another portrait give-away in the future -- hopefully more people will be willing to participate. Sometimes I need some extra motivation to pick up my sketching pad, and since I don't feel comfortable charging people for my work (I'm self-taught and make lots of mistakes), I usually give it away. So, don't be shy in the future if you would like one. :)

-Mr. Mitten


KCina said...

I'm SO excited...You have an amazing talent Mr. Mittens...You need to pick-up that sketch pad WAY more often....Can't wait to get the potrait of Charlie!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awww, I missed this contest. What a beautiful portrait. I guess it is best I didn't enter...if I won I would have to pick between my children! Please let the readers know if you take orders :)

gingerspice said...

What a talented artist you are. I do not want you to feel dishartened about the amount of people who entered. I would have tried, but my four (you must be mad ) daughters are all teenagers (15-22)who due to there age would not of wanted a picture done of them.
All the best to you both and keep drawing i will look forward to further pictures on the blog ( no pressure!!)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Mr. M! My girls are all grown but I've got the cutest pug in the world and would love to have you draw HER! :) You've GOT to keep drawing so you'll be ready to draw YOUR little one!

Jackie said...

I love your drawing! Well Done to the winner.

Claire MW said...

Wow, I missed the contest too. Did it have to be a person for the drawing? I don't have any children, but I would have loved a drawing of my favorite goat, Opal. What a beautiful job you did on the winner's sketch. I do hope you do another contest.