Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year

Hello to all my friends out there! Happy new year, even if I'm a bit late :)

I know I've been a bit behind in the updates here lately, but it seems I have just enough time in a day to eat, feed Lev, and sleep (and quite often not enough time for that last one). However, little Lev is quickly gaining weight, and should be over 6 lbs within a few days! My tiny newborn didn't last long, but I think he's cuter with some chubbiness on him. It's rather nice to not have that to worry about any more. Now if only the weather would be a bit warmer so we could get out in the sunshine, but really, it's just a normal winter here and our cozy apartment will have to do for a couple months yet.

I have been knitting a little - a little sock that is! Lev's feet are so tiny, we couldn't find socks to fit him. I have one done so far, but even with such little feet it's a struggle most days to find the energy and time for knitting. I had a bunch of projects I'd hoped to get done in the last few weeks before he was born, but those are all on hold now. One was a sweater for Lev, but I doubt it will fit him before spring, so I have some time to get that one done. I managed to knit on my shawl a bit in the hospital, but it's not even half-done, and I'm not sure when it will be. Oh well, I'm enjoying time with my little babe, and that's more important.


sarahspins said...

Awww... Lev is still way smaller than *all* of my kids were.. my youngest was nearly 9 1/2lbs when he was born and there was nothing "tiny" about him - ever! lol

cagio said...

congratulations again - so very sweet

Unknown said...

You just forget everything and concentrate on playing with your baby. Believe me they don't stay that small for very long, so take lots of time out and just enjoy him.