Saturday, February 14, 2009

our little house

So, you might have been wondering about the lack of posts the last couple weeks. Sure, having a two month old baby would probably be reason enough, but that's not all. We've been in the process of buying a house! It still seems too crazy to be real (probably until we sign the mortgage paperwork). We knew we had to move this year, since our cozy little apartment became our cramped little apartment when Lev arrived. We had enough saved, and contacted an agent, and were lucky enough that the perfect little house was just waiting for us. Okay, it's not perfect (what ever is?) but it's lovely and well-built, and in the best location with plenty of parks and a good elementary school. So we'll be moving in May, just in time for me to plant the garden!

In other news, I've dug through the piles of toys I had sitting around, and there are now four listed in my Etsy shop. Poor Edward went all the way to Seattle for Plush You, and then was sent home again. I'm hoping someone wants to take him home soon, so he stops feeling so sorry for himself.

Also, I'm still working on the new toy design, and will hopefully have the first one done and ready to share with you later next week. It's very different, but I'm hoping it will be cute when it's all done.

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! Big hugs to all of you, who have been so encouraging and supportive these last couple of months. I hope you have someone special to spoil today, and if not, spoil yourself, as I'm sure you deserve it!


Catie said...

congratulations on the house and Edward sure is a cutie

Mare said...

WOW! A new home. You will LOVE it. We found our not so perfect home of our dreams 20 some years ago, and we are still here, and it's perfect as it can be. Good luck to you all and Happy Valentine's Day!

WoolPets said...

Congratulations on your new home! Little Edward is adorable! Happy belated Valentine's Day!