Tuesday, March 10, 2009

help from my mom

I thought I would share with you two of the toys made by one of my test knitters - my mom! She was visiting when I first had the idea for the pattern, and listened patiently while I jabbered on about how I write patterns. I thought she might like to try out the pattern, and maybe wouldn't mind doing me a favour! I think her toys turned out pretty cute :) She said the feet are like big paws a puppy needs to grow into.

Also, I've been watching the poll for the last few days. The results don't seem to be changing much, and actually gave me a very god idea. I think what I'll do is sell the kits with just yarn and the pattern. I'll make up some tote bags and zip pouches, and list them separately. Then, if you buy a kit and a bag, I'll give you a discount on the total! How does that sound? That way you can buy the kit with the bag you want, or just the kit, or just the bag. It isn't much more work for me, I just need to take a few more photos.


Anonymous said...

So cute! My puppy is all knit and sewn - just needs to be stuffed! I love your patterns! Nice and easy to understand - and the end result - precious!

Anonymous said...

Excellent plan. I like the options approach.

Anonymous said...

Great idea.I'm looking forward to
the new kits