Thursday, March 5, 2009

poll for raggedy pals kits

I've put up a little poll for kits, since you mentioned lots of different options. So far, the options seem to be with a tote bag (like those I've made before), a zip pouch (my idea, like this), a drawstring pouch (for easy gift-giving), or no bag at all (to cut down on the cost). All of these would come with a printed pattern, enough yarn to make 1 toy, buttons for eyes, and some stuff to embellish the finished toy (like ribbon). I've put price estimates there, in case that helps you decide (the estimates are not final). Also, you can choose more than one answer to the poll, if you like. Hopefully this will give me a better idea of what people want, so I can make that, instead of trying to guess and have nobody buy the kits!

I went through my yarn stash the other day, and I have lots of parcel out into kits. I did have to order a little bit, though, since I was missing a couple things I used in my toys. Now I just need to wait for your answers to the poll, and see if I need to find time for sewing.

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