Thursday, May 14, 2009

boo lulu

We're all moved in and loving the new house! Not too many hidden surprises so far, and I hope it will continue that way. We're only about half unpacked, so I think I'll wait to take photos until we're all done. My new studio is nothing but a messy pile of boxes, so I haven't done any work yet! Too many other things to do, really. In fact, the last couple days I've put off unpacking so I could get moving on the veggie garden. Planting time is swiftly approaching, and I don't want to be too late!

Something super aggravating happened in the last couple days too, and I wanted to write a bit about it. I didn't know that my pattern books were available on Amazon (sort of - Lulu sells them through Amazon, and they show up when you search there). This would be fine, except they were selling the original version of Festive Knits, which is just Fuzzy Knits with a different cover because we changed the name about a month after we first published it. The original Festive Knits is still hanging around on Lulu, but it should never have been for sale anywhere. So not only was it confusing that there were two different Festive Knits for sale on Amazon, but the original one was being sold at cost! I don't even know how long this was going on.

So far I've only had one customer coming to me confused as to why her 'new' Festive Knits book was just the same as her copy of Fuzzy Knits. I hope there are no more, or it could become a real problem! Hopefully Lulu has some explanation for me. I'm getting really fed up with the problems they've had over the last year.

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky that planting time is soon. In Fernie, today, it snowed.