Monday, June 8, 2009

house photos

I swear, I haven't abandoned you! I'm just getting used to being a full-time mommy during the day, plus Lev is going through a very cuddly and clingy stage, which makes it difficult to type. I haven't had much time for work-type stuff either, so instead I'll share a few photos of our house!

Here is the front, with it's lovely stone facing and pansy-filled window boxes. I'm planning to take out the ugly cedar bushes and fill the beds with pretty flowers so it looks even more like an English cottage.

We had to repaint a few of the rooms, so they were more to our taste. Our bedroom went from rose pink to a relaxing shade of lavender. I have a painting I did in highschool to hang over the bed, but it needs a frame first.

Here is the dining room, looking appealing in a warm butter shade (much better than toothpaste green). We've never had a proper dining room, so it looks a little bare. I'm hoping to find a little dresser to hold our tea-tray etc. Also, Mr. Mitten is going to get some prints made of his photos to decorate the walls.

Here's a couple photos of my veggie garden out back. I spent our first week here digging out the sod, rather than unpacking. I've had bad luck with seeds this year though, so most of what you see I bought as seedlings.

I will share some photos of my studio, once it's all set up and tidy, and I have some time to spend in it!

That's all I've got time for now, folks. A wee man is demanding my attention!


Anonymous said...

Its beautiful! Don't knew houses just feel so full of potential and inspiration... like big blank slates.

And enjoy little Levi's clinging. It doesn't last nearly long enough.

Elise said...

What are you doing at the computer, young lady?! You go take advantage of that cuddly clinginess while it lasts! ;)

Your house looks beautiful!

Jacqui said...

Your new home is lovely! Look at all that space you have at the moment! When you've lived there a while its going to look really homely :0) Hugs to Lev xx

Emily said...

The stone on the front is lovely - like a story book cottage! Perfect for you.