Monday, June 8, 2009

pattern format poll

Now that I'm working through the patterns for the new edition of Fuzzy Knits, I was wondering if I should change the instruction format a bit. I tried something new with Scraps Chaps, and I kind of like it. It's a little more work to start with, but helps me with the designing, and maybe it's easier for you to follow as well. Please vote in my poll and let me know!


Anonymous said...

Love, the pic of the house!I love your choice of colors too!

I am not sure I understand the two choices on your pattern poll, so I can't vote. But, that's okay, however you do your next book,patterns, I am sure I will be able to follow along :)

Emily said...

Wow, everyone likes numbering! It doesn't bother me either way (I voted blah blah).

kaykatrn said...

I voted for numbered rows, just cleaner, but if you mark your rows as you work the pattern, I don't think it matters a lot.