Tuesday, June 16, 2009

poll results

The results of my pattern format poll are pretty clear, so it looks like I'll be changing the patterns to include numbered rows. A little more work for me now, but I think it will make the patterns much easier to follow (for you and me!) I'm slowly working my way through the patterns from Fuzzy Knits, so I don't have to go back and change very much. So far I've done the Silly Duck and Siamese Kitty. The duck has been changed quite a bit, with different feet and a knitted bill, but somehow still looks similar to the old one. The kitty is just the same as before, but she now has a fancier dress, since I wanted something different from the bunny's pinafore dress. I might try taking a few photos to give you a hint of what they're like, since this blog has been a bit boring lately!

In baby news, Lev is growing well, and is generally being a very good baby since his daddy went back to work. We've started solid food again, and it seems to be sitting much better than when we tried it a couple weeks ago (it made him spit-up too much). He even remembered how to eat it off the spoon after a few tries. He's starting to figure out how to balance himself while sitting up, but only if he's distracted from flinging himself around! Today hasn't been going so well, though. He's teething badly again, and he gets his 6 month vaccinations today, so he's going to be a cranky-pants baby for the next day or two. At least the weather is nice, so perhaps a long walk is in order.

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