Monday, August 3, 2009

thanks so much

I had no idea people would like my fabric toys so much! When they never sold, I thought there must be something wrong with them, so I never made any more. Now I feel like it might be worth it to make one or two, when I feel in the mood for something different.

It was very difficult to choose winners for the three toys, since you all left such lovely comments! The choice was also a little difficult because most people had a particular favourite, and I can't give the same toy to 3 people! So anyway, after some time with a random number generator, I cam up with these winners:

Gilda goes to shadows.slave (you will need to email me - barbara at, since I don't have your address)
Betsy goes to Erin Starkie
Callum goes to Sara (sarloz)

Thanks so much to everyone for participating! There will be more give-aways in the future, so you'll have other chances to win Fuzzy Mitten stuff.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Congratulations, winners!

I think a change of pace is good for everyone once and a while!