Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There seems to be a bit of confusion over the new Siamese Kitty pattern, so I'd like to clear that up so we all have fewer troubles as I update more of my original patterns.

If you bought the Siamese Kitty pattern or the "Fuzzy Knits" book (not "Festive Knits") from Lulu, you need to forward me a copy of the receipt so I know you purchased the pattern. The thank-you note or your order number won't work because Lulu doesn't let me see individual purchases. Sorry to be a bit pedantic, but it saves us all time and energy to get it straight :)

If you bought the Siamese Kitty pattern on Etsy, I should still have your original transaction notice, so I just need your Etsy username to look it up.

Only the new version of the pattern has been available on Ravelry, so anyone who bought it there doesn't need to worry :)

If you have any questions please leave a comment so we can clear up any other points here where everyone can see them.

Edit: Someone had the great idea that if you no longer have your receipt, just email me a copy of the old pattern. That way I know you bought the original.

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Emily said...

I have a Fuzzy Knits really truly book - can I email you a picture of me and the book? I'll add the baby to the picture for extra cuteness.