Sunday, September 27, 2009

owl tuque pattern

Here we have the Owl Tuque pattern for you! I knit the original for Lev back in the Spring, but people kept asking for the pattern, so I finally decided to write it up. However, since I do pretty well from the sales of my toy patterns, I thought it would be nice to use this pattern to raise a little money for something we enjoy and support. The Montreal Ecomuseum is an educational wildlife park operated by the Saint Lawrence Valley Natural History Society. Two dollars of the price of the pattern will be donated to the Ecomuseum to help them take care of the animals there.

The pattern will only be available on Ravelry, since it's easier for me to keep track of the sales in one place. It's designed in three baby sizes (newborn, 6 months, 12 months), but if you're a bit clever you should be able to alter the pattern to fit an older child or adult. I knit the original from Estelle Cloud Cotton Eco, which makes for a great Autumn-weight hat, and there should be enough in one skein to make 2 hats. Though, there are plenty of lovely soft chunky yarns that would work just as well. I hope you all enjoy the pattern!

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Emily said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this one. We'll see if I'm clever enough to make it a little bit bigger.

I love how easy Ravelry makes selling patterns for designers. Makes me a happy girl.