Friday, October 9, 2009

monster time!

I decided to abandon the Halloween outfit idea, because my enthusiasm for it was waning only half-way through the first try. I was far too in love with the monster I had been knitting, so I finished that instead. I don't have the time to publish it as a new pattern (besides, I've put out a lot of new ones lately), so I'm going to give you some basic directions on how to make your own Fuzzy Monster! This is a project that can only be improved by applying your own creativity, so read what I did, then go wild!

First, download the Fuzzy Lamb pattern if you don't already have it (Ravelry, or direct).

Next, materials:
25 g of eyelash or fuzzy yarn, 25 g of coordinating smooth yarn (I used Bernat Eyelash yarn, and some cotton yarn), a small amount of yarn for the nose, some white yarn for horns and claws, a small amount of white felt, 4 mm (US size 6) knitting needles, two 4 mm dpns or a crochet hook, two safety eyes or buttons, stuffing, a darning needle, hand sewing needle and white thread

Work the arms and legs in the smooth yarn. You can vary the length by adding or subtracting rows after row 14. Work the body and ears in the fuzzy yarn. For the head, use the fuzzy yarn for the main colour, and the smooth yarn for the contrasting colour.

Once the head is done (eyes on, nose & mouth embroidered), cut teeth from the white felt and sew onto the face (or embroider them if you don't have felt). Assemble the rest of the toy. Embroider claws on hands and feet.

For the horns, on the dpns knit 2 short lengths of 4 stitch I-cord with the white yarn. I made mine 7 rows long before casting off. Sew the cast-off edge of the horns to the head, and secure the yarn ends. If you don't know how to knit I-cord, try crocheting some horns.

Finally, head your monster in the direction of the nearest small village which requires terrorizing!

P.S. If you're short on knitting time, just whip up some mini aliens to pop into the treat bags of special little ones.


Emily said...

Oh so cute. I mean SCARY! Oh so scary.

Ariel said...

How cute is he!!!

trish newton said...

oh cute blue munster, you are so cleve designs I got two your books. thank you barbara. I will start knitting. also I would like to get pug's pattern.
Trish Newton

becky said...
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becky said...

sorry bad spelling! I love your monster he's so full of character!

Anonymous said...

oh these are sooo adorable! everyone should knit...perhaps even little green chaps?