Monday, November 2, 2009

shop update

In case you missed the notice on Facebook, or don't check up on Fuzzy doings over there, I had a nice little shop update last Friday. There are still several kits and zip pouches, so go check them out! I love the kitty print fabric so much, I nearly kept one of those pouches for myself. But Mr. Mitten reminded me that I have half a dozen knitting bags littered around the house, so I put it up for sale after all.

In other news, I was working on the very last pattern for Fuzzy Knits this morning. Woo hoo! A few days of knitting should get that critter done. Then it's just a matter of kicking someone in the butt to get everything formatted (I really love him, but he can procrastinate with the best ;) Oh, and take all those photos (though the photo editing takes twice as long as actually shooting photos)! Hopefully we can get all the individual patterns updated soon too, but those are more work.

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