Friday, October 23, 2009

getting there...

It's been a little quiet around here lately, hasn't it? Not because I have nothing to say, but it's been so difficult to find time to think, then take photos, and finally write it all up so it makes sense. I'm sure we all have times in our lives like that. The last few weeks this is because it's the start of cold and flu season, and Lev seems to be catching anything that comes his way. Poor munchkin barely has a day between getting better and the next set of germs. I'm so glad I'm generally quite healthy, so I don't have to try taking care of a sick baby while I'm sick too!

I have found a little knitting time, and I'm slowly making progress on the last few toys for Fuzzy Knits. The Polar Bear, Monkey, and Pupster are all finished. The Tiger is made up, but I'm still thinking about changing her dress, so she's been stalled for a couple of weeks. That just leaves the Easter Bunny, and I don't plan to make any major changes to him (just a longer jacket), so he should get done more quickly. I really want to get photos, so you can see what they look like! The Pupster is much cuter with ears and a body :)

Anyway, hopefully I can convince Mr. Mitten to find the time to work on the book, so you don't have to wait too much longer. At the very latest, it will be done in time for holiday ordering. This book will also be available on Qoop, so you can take advantage of their lower prices on printed books.

I think I hear waking noises from Lev's room, so I must go. Have a lovely weekend, all!


Jennifer Styles said...

I iz in ur blogz stalking ur kritterz.

Thank you for the lovely afternoon :)

Kate G. said...

Non-sniffily thoughts to Lev! Looking forward to seeing what comes off the needles. I'm amazed you can get anything done during cold season, but you must be using some kind of fuzzy logic ;-)