Wednesday, December 2, 2009

pocket mouse


- to complete the toy, you will need to have the rest of the pattern (Ravelry, Etsy)
- the new version of the entire pattern is available in my Fuzzy Knits book

(the following specifications are for the whole toy)

40 g of worsted weight yarn in main colour (MC), 15 g of worsted weight yarn in contrasting colour (CC), yarn for embroidering face, two 8-10 mm black buttons or safety eyes, stuffing, pair of 4 mm (US size 6) knitting needles, two 4 mm dpns (optional), tapestry needle

approx. 20 cm (8") tall

Mouse: 22 stitches and 32 rows to 10 cm (4") in st st

The intarsia section is marked with the yarn colour for each set of sts.
Begin at back. CO 7 sts with MC.
Row 1: P 1 row.
Row 2: k1, [m1, k1] to end. (13 sts)
Row 3: P 1 row.
Row 4: k1, [m1, k1] to end. (25 sts)
Row 5-9: work 5 rows in st st.
Row 10: k3, [k1, m1] x 4, k11, [m1, k1] x 4, k3. (33 sts)
Row 11-19: work 9 rows in st st.
Row 20: k3, [k2tog, k1] x 3, k9, [k1, ssk] x 3, k3. (27 sts)
Row 21: CC p7, MC p13, CC p7.
Row 22: CC k1, k2tog, k4, k2tog, MC k9, CC ssk, k4, ssk, k1. (23 sts)
Row 23: CC p7, MC p9, CC p7.
Row 24: CC k1, k2tog, k2, k2tog, MC k9, CC ssk, k2, ssk, k1. (19 sts)
Row 25: CC p5, MC p9, CC p5.
Row 26: CC k1, [k2tog] x 2, MC k9, CC [ssk] x 2, k1. (15 sts)
Row 27: CC p3, MC p9, CC p3.
Row 28: CC k3, MC [k2tog] x 2, k1, [ssk] x 2, CC k3. (11 sts)
Row 29: CC p3, MC p5, CC p3.
Row 30: CC k1, [k2tog] x 2, k1, [ssk] x 2, k1. (9 sts)
Cut yarn, thread end through remaining sts, pull tight to gather. Secure yarn ends from colour changes. Attach safety eyes. Sew up seam, leaving an opening. Stuff and sew closed. Make sure to put extra stuffing in the nose and cheeks.

Ears (make 2)
CO 3 sts with MC.
Row 1: P 1 row.
Row 2: k1, [m1, k1] x 2. (5 sts)
Row 3: P 1 row.
Row 4: k1, [m1, k1] x 4. (9 sts)
Row 5: P 1 row.
Row 6: k3, [m1, k1] x 4, k2. (13 sts)
Row 7-8: work 2 rows in st st.
Row 9: K 1 row.
Switch to CC on next row.
Row 10-11: work 2 rows in st st.
Row 12: k2, [skpo] x 2, k1, [k2tog] x 2, k2. (9 sts)
Row 13: P 1 row.
Row 14: [skpo] x 2, k1, [k2tog] x 2. (5 sts)
Row 15: P 1 row.
Row 16: skpo, k1, k2tog. (3 sts)
Cut yarn, thread end through remaining stitches, pull tight to gather. Fold ear in half, with CC to front and MC to back.

[ ] = repeat instructions between square brackets as many times as indicated (e.g. x 2). "To end" means to repeat instructions in brackets until you reach the end of the row.
CO = cast on
k = knit
k2tog = decrease 1 by knitting 2 together
m1 = increase 1 by picking up loop between stitch just worked and next stitch, and knit into the back of this loop
P or p = purl
skpo = slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over
ssk = decrease 1 by sl 1, sl 1 purl-wise, knit slipped sts together


herzensart said...

she´s a real cutie. Your lion is currently sitting on the sofa in my studio and is flirting with every visitor :) Wishing you happy holidays as well!

Emily said...

I don't think I told you before how much I like his little marsupial sweatshirt pocket! (I like it a lot!)

Ellisen said...

Adorable! Can't wait to make one. Thanks for sharing.

Adriana Ochoa said...

Bueno, en el patrón solo está la cabeza, faltan las piernas, los brazos y el cuerpo. Gracias

Adriana Ochoa said...

A este patrón le faltan los brazos, las patas y el cuerpo!!!!!!!!!!! gracias

dec2057 said...

Thank you so much for your free mouse pattern - we posted it on our charity facebook page

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much for sharing the patern she is just adorable xox